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Enochian Numerology with Dice: (with two three or four dice). Focus yourself on an issue or question and cast out the dice. For numbers above nine, (excluding 11 and 22) reduce the number by adding it together. For example if you cast out four dice and rolled a 6, 5, 3 3 they add up to 17, (remember this number as it is part of the answer) then add the 1 + 7 which equals 8 so the answer to your question would be a 17 - 8. You would read the answer under number 8 and the answer under 17-8. If you were to roll a pure number such as 1,1,3 which equals 5 you would read the section that applies for five and then the 5 also. With this form of play the 0 is not available. With two dice the twenty two is not available. Four is the recommended number of dice. If only one die is available it could be thrown 4 times in succession recording the numbers on a piece of paper. There are many combinations that will equal 11 with four dice. Only certain combinations are considered true 11, the rest are reduced to 2

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Dice using a circle: Draw a circle of 5 - 7 inches on a piece of paper, or with fabric paint, on a piece of fabric. Cast the dice onto the circle. Count only the dice that are within the circle. A die mostly in, is in, mostly out, is out. Half and half can be recast. This method makes all the numbers available for Spirit to offer insight. If no dice fall into the circle it's a 0.

Diagram examples of how to play


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Dice Circle Example 1 

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Dice Combinations Example

Domino Example

Example of  Dice Circle

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Printable Dice Circle

Dominoes: Place your dominoes into a bowl or container, mix then well and pick out one or two. With a single domino the 22 will be unavailable, and you will be working with 0-9 and 11. With two dominos the 0 become unavailable. If you wish to play with two dominos and want all numbers available two sets can be combined. High or low version; choose either high or low then choose your dominoes. If you choose a domino that has one side blank, the blank section become the highest or lowest number on the opposite domino. If you should choose two dominos that each have one blank, they take on the number of the other domino.

Totems: With each number are two totems that can assist you in your work on the question at hand.

Using this method for healing: Associated with each number and combination is a stone, an herb, a essential oil, and a flower remedy. (The eleven combinations have two flower remedies associated with them. Rescue remedy can be used with any number at any time.)This is to allow the system to be used to find what you are personally in need of, as well as finding healing tools for someone else you may wish to assist. This can also assist in choosing stones to do healing work on someone if you are feeling the need for assistance.


(0 is a double blank domino in a one domino game. When the circle is used with dice, this applies when no dice fall within the circle. Not applicable when two dominos are used, or in a dice game without the circle.)

Direct your energies toward the cycles of life. The ebb and flow of all things natural as well as all things supernatural.

Totems: turtle and dolphin
agates of all kinds.
Essential Oil:
tea tree
Flower Remedy:


Direct you energies toward the highest goal. What will bring you the greatest joy? What will allow you to feel complete and at peace with God within.  Totems: Eagle and Otter

1 Expand your perception to see the highest that you are capable of. Many of the goals you have set in the past have been limited. It is time now to reach out for your full potential.  Stone: all beryl, such as aquamarine and emerald. Herb: fenugreek  Essential Oil: cedarwood  Flower Remedy: cerato

10 - 1 Your highest goal at this time is a goal in the physical world that will allow you to further pursue your spiritual path with more freedom in the not too distant future.  Stone: danburite  Herb: lavendar  Essential Oil: rose  Flower Remedy: chicory

19 - 1 Send your question out to the universe as to what is the best goal for you to pursue at this time. Once this is complete allow the answer to come to you in a message from another person who is unaware that they are the messenger of a higher truth at the time they offer you the answer you have sought.  Stone: kyanite  Herb: yarrow  Essential Oil: lavendar  Flower Remedy: rock water


Direct your energies into partnership, whether in business or a personal relationship. This can also portend a time of integration with Higher Self. Totems: wolf and dog

2 This is a time to begin new friendships, and seek out companions of like mind. The potential of these new friendships is unlimited.  Stone: All chalcedony, other than agates, such as; bloodstone, jasper, carnelian, chrysoprase, and onyx.  Herb: barberry  Essential Oil: orange  Flower Remedy: honeysuckle

11 - 2 Focus yourself first on partnerships with Spirit, this will allow you the clarity needed to move into greater partnerships on the Earth than you have experienced in the past.  Stone: malachite and diamond  Herb: plantain  Essential Oil:  sandalwood  Flower Remedy: heather

20 - 2 It is time to pursue partnerships in the physical world. These partnerships are of a significant nature, a life mate, or a new business partnerships that will last many years.  Stone: howlite and tiger's eye  Herb: ephedra  Essential Oil: citronella  Flower Remedy: water violet


Direct your energies toward unity within as well as activities that promote unity in the world at large. Coming together in a joint endeavor. Creation of a child could be beneficial at this time as well.  Totems: deer and ant.

3 This is a good time to join together with two or more others in a venture of a joyous nature. Use your imagination and creativity in a positive way.  Stone: All corundum, such as; ruby and sapphire.  Herb: coriander  Essential Oil: geranium  Flower Remedy: hornbeam

12 - 3 This is a time to go within and meditate, seek that place within that can remember the innocence of child like joy. From this place begin to relate to those you love and the world with a new perspective.  Stone: Lapis Lazuli  Herb: juniper  Essential Oil: lime  Flower Remedy: clematis

21 - 3 It is time for you to widen your perspective and ask yourself how you can make a difference in the world. Find a way to promote unity in you community and get others involved in your projects. It is time to look to what is in the best interest of the whole.  Stone: topaz  Herb: safflower  Essential Oil: bergamot  Flower Remedy: beech


Direct your energies toward balance of the various directions of your life. This represents all of physical life and the spiritual aspects of life. Work and play, serious and irreverent, etc..  Totems: horse and swan.

4 Seek greater expression in a balanced way. You have been so focused on one particular thing in your life that other things that would offer you joy have been let go of.  Stone: garnet and peridot  Herb: chervil  Essential Oil: thyme  Flower Remedy: holly

13 - 4 You have worked long and hard on the issue of balance in your life and it is important to share with others how you have achieved this balance in order for you to maintain a sense of unity in the world.  Stone: lepidolite  Herb: saw palmetto  Essential Oil: eucalyptus  Flower Remedy: mimulus


Direct your energies toward group activities, such as parties, celebrations, classes, workshops, or perhaps a family reunion, any group activity that brings your personal energy into a greater group in a harmonious way.  Totems: squirrel and hummingbird.

5 Open up your personal world to others. Be the host or hostess of an event or celebration. Consider opening up your home for regular gatherings.  Stone: all feldspars, such as; moonstone, sunstone, amazonite, and labradorite.  Herb: blessed thistle  Essential Oil: ginger  Flower Remedy: mustard

14 - 5 You are not spending enough time in the world with other people. It is important to your growth and balance to get out more and interact with the world.  Stone: turquoise and azurite.  Herb: damiana  Essential Oil: rosemary  Flower Remedy: wild oat

23 - 5 Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to slow down for a moment and ask yourself if the time you are spending in group activities is a way to avoid other issues in your life.  Stone: calcite and selenite.  Herb: centaury  Essential Oil: anise  Flower Remedy: white chestnut


Direct your energies toward expansion in the physical world. New home, new business, a change in job or career. Expanding your family or knowledge  Totems: beaver and elk.

6 Your energies have been focused on physical expansion to the exclusion of other aspects of your life. Take time to ponder the missing aspects of your life and how to integrate them into your physical expression.  Stone: all obsidians, such as; apache  tear, snowflake and mahogany.  Herb: feverfew  Essential Oil: peppermint  Flower Remedy: olive

15 - 6 Take care not too expand in the physical too quickly. You are close to becoming out of balance on this issue. There is time available for you to complete all that you desire without hurry worry.  Stone: Fluorite  Herb: chamomile  Essential Oil: neroli  Flower Remedy: impatiens

24 - 6 Take all the skill and knowledge that you have and push forth into the physical world. You have been gathering all that you need long enough. You are ready!  Stone: Jade and Opal  Herb: licorice root  Essential Oil: wintergreen  Flower Remedy: crab apple


Direct your energies toward the sacredness of life. Be it through spirituality, religion or nature. This is the number for environmental work, the sacredness of the mother earth. All ritual involving anything held sacred as well as ceremony, and acknowledgment of the Earth.  Totems: buffalo and raven

7 Take a role in the fight to assist the Earth Mother. It shall take many voices speaking together and taking action to affect the future. It is time for your voice to be heard.  Stone: hematite and pyrite.  Herb: cascara sagrada  Essential Oil: lemon  Flower Remedy: agrimony

16 - 7 Be conscious of the way that you deal with ritual and sacredness in your life. There is a tendency with this combination to come to a place where ritual ceases to have meaning to you, yet you continue to do it.  Stone: tourmalinated and rutilated quartz.  Herb: hops  Essential Oil: myrrh  Flower Remedy: cherry plum


Direct your energies toward sending and receiving. This is the reaping and sowing of one's intentions and manifestations, be they of body, mind, emotion or Soul. This is also the number of parenting and interaction between the generations.  Totems: hawk and spider.

8 Be in a place in your heart of giving simply for the joy of giving. The rewards that are returned to you when you give without expectation of reward are far greater and of a more significant nature. The creator knows your joys in the art of giving.  Stone: kunzite  Herb: dandelion  Essential Oil: clove  Flower Remedy: rock rose  

17 - 8 Are you in resistance to that which you desire to give and receive? Look to your intentions. Especially if you are in conflict with a child or a parent or have been seeking to manifest money or a mate without success.  Stone: rhodonite  Herb: clove  Essential Oil: clary sage  Flower Remedy: star of bethlehem


Direct your energies toward completion. Finishing of projects. Dealing with issues long forgotten or purposely put off.  Totems: butterfly and antelope.

9 It is time to see that which you have completed and let it go. It is not posible to carry all of your creations with you. You must open door for the completion of others and the beginning of new creations.  Stone: rhodochrosite  Herb: lemon balm  Essential Oil: frankincense  Flower Remedy: gorse

18 - 9 Things that you think are complete are in reality unfinished. Seek out those things and finish them so you can move on to the next step on the sacred path.  Stone: sugilite  Herb: agrimony  Essential Oil: patchouli  Flower Remedy: sweet chestnut


Direct your energies toward the spiritual goal and purpose. The unity of true self with God. Focus intentions of all physical activities into achieving wholeness through healing of self at every level.  Totems: bear and bat.  Stone: all elevens do well with clear quartz and Herkimer diamond as well as the stones listed below.


Two Dice: 5+6
Three Dice: 3+3+5, 4+4+3 or 5+5+1
Four Dice: 2+2+2+5 or 3+3+3+2
All other combinations that equal 11 are reduced to 2.

5+6 - 11 Focus your intentions on unity with God and nothing else. Everything else will take care of itself.  Stone: rose and lavender quartz.  Herb: pleurisy root  Essential Oil: jasmine  Flower Remedy: red chestnut and aspen

3+3+5 - 11 You have been too meek in trying to purify those parts of self that interfere with your spiritual goal.  Stone: amethyst.  Herb: st. johnswort  Essential Oil: ylang ylang  Flower Remedy: gentian and larch

4+4+3 - 11 You must seek to integrate you spiritual knowledge into your daily life to find the peace you have been seeking.  Stone: citrine.  Herb: mugwort  Essential Oil: nutmeg  Flower Remedy: chestnut bud and scheranthus

5+5+1 - 11 Set boundaries with other people in your life . They are unaware of the need for you to now focus on your spiritual goal and healing.  Stone: smoky or black quartz.  Herb: black walnut  Essential Oil: spearmint  Flower Remedy: walnut and vervain

2+2+2+5 - 11 You are now moving into a time where you are ready to let go of activities from a former mind set. Move beyond this limitation and the clarity to see the goal before you will be found.  Stone: aventurine.  Herb: echinacea  Essential Oil: camomile  Flower Remedy: wild rose and willow

3+3+3+2 - 11 Seek out the assistance of the spiritual realm the Archangels and Ascended Masters to now help you with your healing and further growth.  Stone: blue quartz or celestite.  Herb: cleavers  Essential Oil: cinnamon  Flower Remedy: oak and elm

Twenty Two

(Not applicable using a single domino, or less than four dice)

Direct your energies toward disseminating spiritual knowledge into the world. Be it through spoken or written means, or through energy. It could be a physical world endeavor that encompasses all aspects.  Totems: mountain lion and turkey.

5+5+6+6 - 22 It is time to take the role of leadership with the knowledge you have gained. Big changes are indicated. You may need to change residence. You will be pushing beyond previous limitations. If you are frightened, you must not let that stop you now!  Stone: tourmaline.  Herb: angelica  Essential Oil: fir needle  Flower Remedy: pine

6+6+6+4 - 22 Send your love out into the world. You are on the verge of major breakthroughs in you spiritual knowledge. You must be prepared to share them as they come.  Stone: moldavite, phenacite and dioptase.  Herb: mullein  Essential Oil: tangerine  Flower Remedy: vine








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