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The previous Spirit Nexus Site has been shut down as I no longer have the funds to support it. 

There is a Spirit Nexus Facebook Page that you can use to reach this site section and the blog posts by using the tabs at the top of the page.  

This free space I set up for my photography does not have enough space or services to host the whole of Spirit Nexus.  All the articles in the library are in my wordpress blog and any new writings will be found there.  The audio files for the Ascension Affirmations Drumming and Healing Sounds are on my Myspace page. These audio files and all the rest of the audio channeling is in my skydrive public folder, which can be navigated by clicking below

There are a few things that are hard to put into blog format like the diagrams so I have posted them here.  The card scripts like the Melchizel-deck and Dominoes from the Tools for Growth section will not work on a blog so they are here.




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